Emily Enright

Policy Fellow

Emily Enright was a Policy Fellow at BASIC from 2020 to 2022, working on the Emerging Voices Network and wider Youth, Gender and Diversity workstream. She is an MA Candidate in International Conflict Studies with the War Studies Department at King’s College, London, and worked concurrently as a Research Assistant with the Centre for Science and Security Studies within the War Studies Department, and with British Pugwash as a Project Officer.

A former Australian civil servant, and a former project officer with the Young Australians in International Affairs, Emily completed her BA (Politics and International Studies, French) with Honours at the University of Melbourne in 2018. She also completed a Certificate in International Affairs and Strategy at Sciences Po in 2016.

Emily’s research interests include nuclear ethics and legitimacy; WMD arms control; the impact of emerging technologies on international security and the deterrence/disarmament debate. She presented at the 2020 UK PONI Conference, is a security delegate to the 2020 Indo-Pacific Youth Dialogue, and is a member of Girl Security’s first UK mentor cohort. Emily has worked on research projects relating to P5 dialogue, arms control and emerging tech, WMD institutions, and strengthening the UK’s nuclear policy community.

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