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Contemporary Opportunities for the NPT: Perspectives from the Emerging Voices Network

This collection of policy papers is the culmination of several months’ dedicated work by members of the Emerging Voices Network (EVN). In December of 2020, the EVN’s seven working groups were tasked with articulating a specific set of policy challenges within their area of expertise, and developing an innovative, ambitious and implementable agenda for resolving them. 

In just three short months, the EVN members delivered on that brief. The quality and insightfulness of these papers is a credit not just to their authors, but to all emerging voices in nuclear policy, highlighting the value and talent of young people as systems-level thinkers and critical analysts of pressing security challenges. Furthermore, this collection offers a bold vision for collaboration and trust-building as the foundations of a more equitable, responsible future for global nuclear policy, and testifies that the passion, wisdom and energy of the next generation of leaders in policy will support progress towards sustainable peace and security. 

The recommendations within this work were presented to senior leaders in the nuclear field on 31st March 2021, during the landmark Plenary of the EVN. This event, developed in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs, brought together over 200 participants from around the world to celebrate and critically engage with youth perspectives on nuclear policy. 

This publication was launched at the Next Generation Forum 2021, an opportunity for next generation experts to present their ideas to senior leaders in nuclear policy. 

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