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Our Programmes

BASIC is developing new approaches to overcome states’ dependency on the doctrine of nuclear deterrence, which blocks global nuclear disarmament and drives proliferation. We engage diverse perspectives, encourage empathy across states, and broaden the context of debate. We have an established reputation for non-partisan, non-judgmental, cross-cultural engagement and for seeking common ground. 

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Inclusive International Security

How do we increase gender parity and diversity in the nuclear policy community? How can the Women, Peace and Security Agenda inform nuclear decision making? And what does it mean for Donald Trump’s nuclear button to be ‘bigger and more powerful’ than Kim Jong-un’s?

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Nuclear Disarmament

BASIC works with governments, academics, think tanks and journalists to build momentum behind innovative, practical steps towards nuclear arms control and disarmament. Using our tried and tested methodology around dialogue and active listening, we work collaboratively with states to help them identify and overcome the barriers to multilateral disarmament. We see this as a critical principled and pragmatic enterprise that has to absorb competing political and social objectives at national and international level.

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Nuclear Responsibilities

The Programme on Nuclear Responsibilities supports officials, researchers and journalists in understanding the deep conceptions of responsibility that shape the ways states behave around nuclear weapons. By hosting roundtables and strategic dialogues around the world, we are working with nuclear and non-nuclear states to come to a common understanding of what more responsible behaviours might look like.

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Risk Reduction

BASIC monitors and analyses strategic relationships among the P5 and between NWS and NNWS to assess how shifts in the relationship impact upon strategic nuclear risks. We provide timely and practical recommendations for how to reduce these risks and maintain stability, so that states can focus on building trust and working on disarmament.

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Past Programmes

BASIC believes in making progress on nuclear disarmament, arms control, and non-proliferation through multiple complementary approaches. We continuously develop our programmes – streams of research – through sustained engagement with a wide range of stakeholders, collectively searching for the art of the possible.

Our past programmes are listed below. View the Archive by clicking here.