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Norman Moss is an author, journalist and broadcaster. He was born in London in 1928 but was raised and educated partly in New York. He is the author of a number of books on modern history and international affairs. He now lives in London. His first book, Men Who Play God: the Story of the Hydrogen Bomb, appeared in 1968 and was widely and well reviewed. The New Yorker called it “a detailed and sometimes brilliant account,” and the Wall Street Journal said “One wishes every responsible citizen would read it.” He has pursued a interest in this area ever since; he has written a biography of Klaus Fuchs, the atomic scientist who was also a spy, and a book about the spread of nuclear weapons. He also wrote a light-hearted British-American dictionary. and two books about Britain and America in the world, one about the summer of 1940, and one about .the post-1945 years, when global power passed from Britain to America. His books are characterised by the interaction of global events and their significance with the experiences of individuals.  

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US – North Korea: An Unnecessary Crisis

Let no one say the Trump Administration has not been creative in foreign policy in its first 100 days. It has created a full-blown crisis over North Korea and it is sustaining it.

The crisis was not caused by North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme. It was caused by what the U.S. Administration says about it. “We won’t allow North Korea to develop nuclear weapons and long-range missiles,” said President Trump. Vice-President Mike Pence warns North Korea not to test America’s resolve.

Missile launches

The dangers of vulnerable nuclear forces

For a while during the Cold War, the nuclear standoff was almost comfortable. When the Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev was briefed on the destructive power of the hydrogen bomb, he told his son Sergei, he was so upset that he could not sleep for several nights. But then, he said, he realised that these weapons could never be used and he could sleep again.

Clarifying Command on US Nuclear Weapons

Here’s a terrifying prospect: President Donald Trump with his finger on the nuclear button. This erratic narcissist with little knowledge of the world and, according to his former ghost writer, an attention span of five minutes, with the power to set off a nuclear war.  This seems unlikely to come about now, with Trump trailing in the polls, but the election is some way off and it cannot be ruled out.

B-61 bomb

Hair Trigger Alert

 Russian aircraft make intrusions into the air space of the Baltic states and skirt the air space of Britain. Russian bombers attack targets in Syria, and America is advised to keep its aircraft out of the way. Russia may have designs on the Baltic States, and is certainly playing a role in Syria. Possibilities arise of a clash that could lead to escalation.

New Cold War

We tend to see new events as a continuation of past ones. The first automobiles were called “horseless carriages”. So the worsening of relations between Western Europe and Russia is called a “new Cold War”

Iran’s Beef

“Where you stand depends on where you sit” is an old maxim of politics. Where Iranians sit is on a lot of history that inclines them to resent and mistrust America and Britain, and mistrust in particular anything that would compromise their freedom of action.

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