Sophie McCormack

Nuclear Policy Analyst

Sophie McCormack is a Nuclear Policy Analyst at BASIC, specialising in analysis of nuclear deterrence, risk reduction, political engagement and public outreach. She graduated with a First-Class Honours and Dean’s Commendation from MA in Applied Security Strategy, from the University of Exeter, where her dissertation was on UK political understanding of the term ‘nuclear deterrence.’ Sophie has since been invited to present this work at RUSI PONI’s 2019 conference, the 2020 US Strategic Command (STRATCOM) conference and at NATO.

Alongside this work, Sophie has been invited to present on nuclear disarmament and risk reduction at P5 events in London, Pugwash Conferences, and RUSI PONI. Sophie is leading BASIC’s organisation of the 2020 Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference Chair’s ‘BetterTogether’ gender event, and working on the Review Conference’s Next Generation event. Externally, Sophie is also a Consultant for ‘Girl Security’, setting up its UK branch.

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