Expert Masterclasses

The EVN’s Masterclasses are one hour sessions led by experts in the field, that are live for EVN members that are able to attend, and recorded for the BASIC website. These are digital first – we are interested in creating a wealth of knowledge that is accessible to everyone.

Expert Masterclasses

With a group of over 350 global early career experts from different backgrounds and disciplines, the Emerging Voices Network (EVN) offers the unique opportunity to create a common space for learning and growth within the most innovative and keen minds in our field, many of whom don’t often have the opportunity to engage with mainstream nuclear spaces. You can see examples of our latest projects here and here.

The EVN’s Masterclasses are our opportunity to tap into the fantastic network of experts that BASIC is lucky to have, to ask them to deliver their expertise to the EVN.These Masterclasses can be delivered in any way that the experts like – through a powerpoint, an interactive discussion, a workshop or a talk. These one hour sessions, which will be recorded, will create a wealth of knowledge for our members, exclusively available to them for one week, and then made accessible to all on our YouTube channel. The masterclasses are both skills and content-based.

This is a primarily digital resource to make access to expertise more equitable for our global, diverse membership.

We hope that EVN Masterclasses contribute to our cohort of experts inheriting the work on keeping our world secure, in an environment that encourages cross-regional and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Latest Expert Masterclasses

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