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Sebastian Brixey-Williams is the Co-Director of BASIC, alongside Marion Messmer. He is a nuclear weapons expert and mediator, with expertise in disarmament politics, risk reduction, emerging technologies, international law, and UK nuclear weapons policy.

His central area of practice is on developing trust and international dialogue on states’ responsibilities in relation to nuclear weapons. He leads the Programme on Nuclear Responsibilities with Professor Nicholas J. Wheeler at the Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security, University of Birmingham. Their most recent publication Nuclear Responsibilities: A New Approach for Thinking and Talking about Nuclear Weapons (2020) aims to offer a way to shift the culture of global nuclear politics away from blame and towards responsibility.

A strong proponent of diversity and inclusion in the field, Sebastian established BASIC’s Emerging Voices Network and co-founded a breakfast series that produced the Gender, Think Tanks and International Affairs Toolkit (2021) with Chatham House and the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy. Sebastian is a Gender Champion in Nuclear Policy, an ELN Mentor, and a member of the Younger Generation Leadership Network on Euro-Atlantic Security. He is a 2020-2021 N Square Fellow.

Sebastian has addressed three All-Party Parliamentary Groups – on Drones, on Global Security and Non-Proliferation, and on Future Generations – and has been called to give evidence to the House of Lords International Relations Committee. He regularly features on the national and international media including BBC News, BBC Radio 4, CGTN, The Economist, Forces TV, The Guardian, and Sky News, and has published in Arms Control Wonk, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the European Leadership Network, and the World Economic Forum. He is interested in finding new ways to engage and educate the general public on nuclear weapons issues, through multi-stakeholder collaborations with the media, private sector and artists.

Sebastian holds a first-class degree from the University of York in English and Related Literature, and a first-class Master’s in International Studies and Diplomacy from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), where he received the Postgraduate School’s Prize.

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Report: Nuclear Responsibilities – A New Approach for Thinking and Talking about Nuclear Weapons

We seek in this report to suggest ways, and crucially propose a new method, to gradually shift the nature of the contemporary global conversation on nuclear weapons away from one characterised by rights, blame, and suspicion towards one framed by responsibility, empathic cooperation, and even trust.  

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