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Exercising Status Recognition Sensibility: The Empathic De-escalation of the Sino-Indian 1998 Status Dilemma

In her article published by International Relations Journal, Dr Chiara Cervasio, Policy Fellow and Programme Manager of the Nuclear responsibilities Programme, argues that the exercise of what she calls status recognition sensibility is critical to explaining whether dangerous competitions for status can be mitigated in world politics.

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BASIC-ICCS Responsibility Framework: An Innovative Tool for Understanding a Complex Subject

Shaza Arif discusses how BASIC-ICCS Responsibilities Framework opens a new way to consider nuclear responsibilities, and is a relevant contribution to the literature in broadening the debate about nuclear responsibilities or any related subject (ie, cyber, AI) that needs in-depth discussion, collaboration and even conflict management.

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Register Interest for Regional Focus Groups: EVN Early Career and Youth Consultation on the NPT PrepCom Process

Join our EVN Early Career/Youth NPT PrepCom Consultants for Regional Focus Group meetings – a one-off meeting of EVN members and other early career and young people in the region where you can share your views on the barriers to, and opportunities for engagement with the NPT PrepComs and ultimately the 2026 Review Conference.