Dr Gry Thomasen

Research Director
NATO-Russia | Risk Reduction | Non-Proliferation

Dr Gry Thomasen is Research Director at BASIC (British American Security Information Council) and Programme Director of BASIC’s programme on Risk Reduction. She is an expert in NATO, including NATO-Russia relations, nuclear non-proliferation and the Arctic and she leads BASIC’s work in these areas. 

Gry has published in high impact journals such as Marine Policy and International Journal, and she is the co-editor of The Palgrave Handbook of Non-State Actors in East-West Relations (forthcoming). She has also authored policy reports and policy briefs providing advice directly to governments.  

Gry holds a PhD in Cold War history from the University of Copenhagen and was awarded a postdoc grant by the Carlsberg Foundation and the Danish Ministry of Defence to undertake research into nuclear non-proliferation at the Danish Institute for International Studies. Prior to joining BASIC, she has also been Visiting Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Cold War History Research Centre in Budapest and a Visiting Researcher at the Centre for Science and Security Studies, King’s College, London.

Gry has been a delegated researcher for several white books on international security and Greenland, she has been consultant of draft bills on nuclear non-proliferation and export controls, and she has given evidence to standing committees in the Danish Parliament on international security and the Arctic. In addition, Gry has participated as an expert at IAEA conferences, EU Non-Proliferation Consortium and the NPT Review Conference.

Gry also holds an MA in History with Russian from University of Copenhagen and a BA in History and Russian from Moscow State University (MGU) and Copenhagen University.


  • NATO 
  • Risk Reduction
  • Arctic
  • Non-proliferation

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