Dr Gry Thomasen

Policy Fellow

Dr Gry Thomasen is a Policy Fellow at BASIC. Gry is Programme Manager of BASIC’s programmes on Nuclear Disarmament and Risk Reduction.

Gry’s background and expertise is in the evolution of the nuclear non-proliferation regime, including the Non Proliferation Treaty, IAEA nuclear safeguards and Euratom. She is also an expert in Arctic security and the High North.

Gry has given research-based policy advice to the Danish government and given evidence to standing committees in the Danish parliament on nuclear non-proliferation. She has also organised track 1.5 workshops for the Danish Ministry of Defence and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on nuclear non-proliferation. She has participated at international conferences such as the International Atomic Energy Agency and the EU Non-proliferation consortium.

One of her personal career highlights was when she invited the late Director General of the IAEA Yukiya Amano to speak in Copenhagen on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action a seminar that she chaired herself.

Gry holds a PhD in contemporary international history from the University of Copenhagen and was awarded a postdoc grant from the Carlsberg Foundation to undertake research into the evolution of the nuclear non-proliferation regime at the Danish Institute for International Studies. Before joining BASIC Gry has also been a visiting postdoctoral research fellow at the Cold War History Research Centre in Budapest and a visiting research fellow at King’s College London, Centre for Science and Security Studies.

In addition, Gry holds an MA in History with Russian from the University of Copenhagen and a BA in History and Russian from the University of Copenhagen and the Moscow State University, MGU.

Her latest article Non-proliferation at Any Cost? Greenlandic Uranium, Denmark and Euratom, 1958-1985 in the International History Review explores how a small state navigates the non-proliferation regime


Nuclear non-proliferation


Arctic security

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