Marina Favaro

Policy Analyst

Marina Favaro was a Policy Analyst at BASIC, where she managed the ‘Emerging Technologies’ research programme. Her areas of focus include the future of warfare and the impact of new technologies on arms control. Prior to joining the team at BASIC, Marina worked as an Analyst at RAND Europe, where her research focused on space governance, cybersecurity, defence innovation and the impact of emerging technologies on society.

Marina conducts both qualitative and quantitative research through a variety of methods, including futures and foresight methods (e.g. horizon scanning, STREAM and scenario building). A feminist international relations theorist by training, she is also experienced in applying a gender lens to security. Marina has conducted research and analysis on behalf of a range of clients in the UK (e.g. Home Office, Ministry of Defence, Space Agency and the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory), Europe (e.g. European Commission, Dutch National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism, Norwegian Ministry of Defence) and internationally (e.g. International Committee of the Red Cross), to name a few.

Marina has presented her independent research at the UK Project on Nuclear Issues (PONI) and the NATO Early-Career Nuclear Strategists Workshop. In addition to her extensive publication list, she has also penned articles for Outrider Foundation and the European Leadership Network.

Marina holds a first-class Master’s degree in international relations and politics from the University of Cambridge. She sits on the British Pugwash Executive Committee, which contributes to scientific, evidence-based policymaking and promotes international dialogue across divides. In addition to her research and analysis skills, Marina has an extensive track record in project management and fundraising.

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