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New EVN Policy Cycle and Activities

The Inclusive International Security Team is excited to announce that the Emerging Voices Network’s next Policy Cycle is here entitled “De-siloing Existential Threats: challenging identity, power, and inclusivity in the nuclear policy field”.

With support from the Ploughshares Equity Rises Fund, this upcoming policy cycle opens up an opportunity for meaningful engagement with key issues relating to identity, power, and inclusivity, all at the heart of nuclear policy. Some of these involve questions to do with racist structures in nuclear policy, implications of nuclear weapons for climate and the environment, social justice, and more. These issues inform international security practices, nuclear policy, and peacebuilding in many ways, and have significant implications for individuals, societies and states all over the world. Confronting, reflecting, and addressing these topics is key to transforming contemporary and future nuclear policy decisions in the best interests of peace and security. 

This new cycle will focus on the following themes through 5 Working Groups:

  1. Challenging racism and white supremacy in nuclear weapons policy-making;
  2. Examining and dismantling military-industrial complexes;
  3. Increasing equity, diversity, and inclusivity in the nuclear weapons policy field and within the community of practitioners;
  4. Nuclear weapons issues and climate change; and
  5. Nuclear weapons issues and social justice;

to result in an edited anthology and set of policy recommendations in early Q3 2023. 

Network members will collaborate in working groups to create their policy recommendations. These will be delivered and distributed through a variety of means to high-level officials and senior experts. 

We are keen to grow the network by including more voices from Africa and the Middle East – if you know anyone that would make the EVN stronger, please feel free to get in touch at [email protected]. The EVN team will be in touch with the existing network soon so that we can kick-start this exciting new programme of work.

Masterclasses and member-led seminars

We are also excited to share that we will be introducing member-led seminars, as well as masterclasses run by high-level experts from all over the world. If you are interested in running a seminar for members of the EVN, please contact [email protected] with your name, and what you’d like your session to be about! BASIC will provide you with a web-conferencing platform for you to do your magic.

You can find out more about the EVN and our previous activities on our page, here

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