Masterclass from Sahil V Shah: Nuclear Diplomacy with Iran: Then and Now

On Wednesday 1 May 2024, Sahil V Shah joined the Emerging Voices Network (EVN) to deliver an Expert Masterclass on ‘Nuclear Diplomacy with Iran: Then and Now.’

Over the last few decades, the development of Iran’s nuclear programme has been defined by both transatlantic cooperation and confrontation. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which the US and European allies had been working with Russia and China to conclude, was derailed in 2018 when the US violated its terms with the reimposition of sanctions by Trump. Since then, the agreement has been left on life support as the parties have failed to restore the deal’s statutes, despite intense diplomacy by the Biden Administration. Given the additional complications that war and crises in the region now provide concerns over the trajectory of the JCPOA are higher than ever before.

In this Masterclass, hosted by BASIC Policy Fellow Anahita ParsaSahil V Shah takes a deep dive into these key considerations with an overview of changing dynamics in nuclear diplomacy with Iran and Iran’s role in the nuclear field.

More about the speaker:

Sahil V. Shah is a Senior Fellow and Program Manager at the Council on Strategic Risks (CSR)’s Janne E. Nolan Center for Strategic Weapons.

More about Masterclasses:

Expert Masterclasses enable BASIC’s fantastic network of senior nuclear policy experts to share their knowledge with the EVN. Masterclasses are both skills and content-based and are delivered online to make access to expertise more equitable for the EVN’s diverse global membership.

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