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Video: Risk Reduction in the Arctic

On Thursday 10th of November, BASIC organised an online conference on Risk Reduction in the Arctic. This conference was the culmination of dozens of interviews conducted by BASIC, with Arctic scholars and experts, current and former civil servants who are working or have worked with Arctic issues, Arctic Indigenous scholars and policy analysts, and Next Generation scholars to discuss Risk Reduction in the Arctic.

During the conference, Dr Chiara Cervasio, Dr Timothy Choi and Dr Gry Thomasen discussed the findings of three recently published reports that address perceptions of risks and threats in the circumpolar Arctic, as influenced by climate change and shifting power dynamics in the region. The reports are part of the project ‘Risk Reduction in the Arctic’ that BASIC is undertaking in collaboration with the Department of National Defence of the Government of Canada (DND). The conference was chaired by Chris Spedding

Watch the recording below:


Read the reports below:    

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