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Report: Prioritising People in the Arctic

This report was written by Dr Chiara Cervasio and Eva-Nour Repussard.

Prioritising People in the Arctic: Eight Policy Proposals for Reducing Risks to Human Security‘ is part of the project ‘Risk Reduction in the Arctic’ that BASIC is undertaking in collaboration with the Department of National Defence of the Government of Canada (DND), which looks at Human Security, Risky Resources, and Canadian Submarine Recapitalisation in the Arctic.

This report addresses existing and emerging threats to human security in the Arctic and investigates the utility of different risk reduction measures in mitigating such risks. It develops eight policy proposals to promote risk reduction in the Arctic. The analysis is informed by online qualitative interviews conducted over a period of four months and complemented by desk-based research. Our interview sample comprises sixteen participants from across the eight Arctic states. These include Arctic scholars and experts, current and former civil servants who are working or have worked with Arctic issues, Arctic Indigenous scholars and policy analysts, and Next Gen scholars. We have applied a GBA+ framework in recruiting interviewees.

The report develops and explores the following policy proposals:

  1. Defining Practical Steps and Policies for Reducing Risks to Human Security in Arctic Strategies
  2. Develop Resilient Infrastructures
  3. Ensure Sustainable Investments
  4. Make the Arctic Council More Inclusive
  5. Foster Mutual Understanding through Dialogue with Indigenous Peoples
  6. Improve Transnational Connections for Indigenous Peoples
  7. Develop a Distinct Military Forum for Cooperation
  8. Unpausing the Arctic Council: Which Way Forward?

Read the report below: 


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