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As public spending belts tighten, costly dreams of force projection are protected

Money is being wasted on new and irrelevant carriers and Trident submarines

While spending on public services is to be tightened in the forthcoming Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR), public money is being wasted on new carriers and Trident submarines irrelevant to the security threats facing Britain. A new report to be published on Tuesday 9 October, The Real Cost Behind Trident Replacement and the Carriers calculates the annual cost of the two systems to be at least

New chair takes over for BASIC; new co-executive director appointed in London

Paul Ingram starts today as BASIC\’s new Co-Executive Director in London, soon after the launch in Washington DC of a new focus for the organisation on achieving concrete moves towards halting the spread of nuclear weapons by reducing nuclear arsenals. The idea of the complete elimination of nuclear weapons has been revived by a group of senior former officials with strong influence within the United States – BASIC is using its network to strengthen that call.

On taking his position, Paul said: