January 2011

New START was ratified by the US Senate in December, and then by Russia last week. It is expected that the instruments of ratification will be exchanged to bring it into force by the end of this week, in Munich at the security conference.

This Week – Moving Beyond New START

Whilst protests and potential revolutions rock the Middle East, and comparisons are made with 1989, the post Cold War Euro-Atlantic security elite meet in Munich for the annual security conference. This has in recent years been the venue of choice for major announcements affecting European security, and in particular relations between NATO and Russia.


We approach the end of 2010 on the verge of a vote in the U.S. Senate on the new START treaty, brought to the floor on December 15th, and for a possible vote as early as tomorrow, December 22nd. Its ratification is significant for verification measures, as well as for the global nuclear disarmament agenda if only because it lays an important foundation stone for future initiatives between the United States and Russia, and helps to open the way for the Administration to bring the test ban treaty to the Senate.


This month we launched our new website, which has been designed and re-focused on our Getting to Zero programme. Later this month we expect to be announcing an exciting new BASIC initiative focused on Britain’s nuclear arsenal. Much of BASIC’s work at present (in addition to the specifics below) is geared towards the forthcoming NATO Summit in November and its aftermath, work on the Middle East zone free of nuclear weapons (an agreed objective at the NPT Review Conference), and British and US nuclear weapon policies.  



BASIC/ACA/PISM Warsaw roundtable on NATO’s nuclear posture, 5-6 July

June 2010

June was a busy month as BASIC\’s Executive Director toured Europe to discuss nuclear disarmament in the aftermath of the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference. In Washington, issues around ratification of the New START agreement were heating up. Read below for the latest BASIC news and plans.

May 2010

May has been an intense and hectic month for BASIC and for nuclear diplomacy. The month-long global Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference (NPT RevCon) in New York draws to a close today.