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Report: Regional Youth Perspectives on the NPT Review Process

Forming part of BASIC’s Inclusive International Security Programme, the Emerging Voices Network (EVN) seeks to reach, engage and platform early career and young experts from communities, countries and backgrounds that are underrepresented in mainstream nuclear policy fora. The EVN is committed to helping these individuals overcome institutional barriers to ensure that nuclear fora are truly global and that the perspectives and expertise of communities that are often minoritised, yet impacted by nuclear weapons development and policy, are centred and integrated into mainstream nuclear dialogue. The EVN aims to support this new generation of experts, policy professionals and researchers who will be working on these issues to address the risks posed by nuclear weapons.

As part of this endeavour, nine early career leaders from across the globe steered an early-career / youth consultation on the NPT review processes over the past four months. The aim of this project was to explore the regional barriers to, as well as opportunities for engagement of early career professionals with the NPT in the lead up to the NPT Preparatory Committee (PrepCom) meeting in August 2023 and the Eleventh NPT Review Conference (RevCon) in 2026.

The report contains analysis on:

  • East and Southeast Asia, by Wooyun JO
  • Eastern Europe and Central Asia, by Galina SALNIKOVA
  • LATAM and the Caribbean, by Lucia MADERO MURILLO
  • Middle East and North Africa, by Almuntaser ALBALAWI
  • North America, by Ananya Agustin MALHOTRA
  • Oceania, by Jena JAENSCH
  • South and Southern Asia, by Anant SARIA
  • Sub-Saharan Africa, by Ola OLADIPUPO MICHAEL
  • Western Europe, by Elia DURAN-SMITH

Read their recommendations below. BASIC will also organise a launch event for the report on Thursday 15th June. Find more information about the event here.

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