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Report: Exploring Nuclear Risk Reduction Pathways in Southern Asia through Nuclear Responsibilities

The report was authored by Alice Spilman (lead writer), Dr Chiara Cervasio and Eva-Nour Repussard.

In March 2023, BASIC and the Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security (ICCS) at the University of Birmingham organised ‘Nuclear Responsibilities and Nuclear Crises in Southern Asia: Preventing Escalation through a Responsibility-Based Regime in the Asia-Pacific’. The purpose of this dialogue was to identify proposals and areas for cooperation to reduce risk in Southern Asia. The dialogue was attended by experts and government officials from Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore and the United States. 

Amongst the areas for cooperation discussed, participants identified proposals that range in scope and focus on different levels, taking into consideration the limits of the current political and strategic environment. Proposals have been grouped into five categories: 

  1. Strengthening Communication through Distrust Reduction: The ‘South Asian Standing Communication Secretariat’ (SASCS) ;
  2. Developing Mutual Understanding and a Shared Sense of Risk through Civil Society Involvement ; 
  3. Pursuing ‘Low-Hanging Fruits’: Extending and/or Updating Current Confidence Building Measures and Agreements ;
  4. Cooperating Outside the Realm of Arms Control ;
  5. Developing an Inclusive ‘Nuclear Risk Reduction Regime’ (NRRR).

Read the report below:

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