Eva-Nour Repussard

Policy Fellow
Strategic Stability | Nuclear Strategy | Emerging Technologies

Eva-Nour Repussard is a Policy Fellow at BASIC, where they work on the Nuclear Responsibilities programme. Prior to that, Eva-Nour was a Project and Research Assistant at SCRAP Weapons, co-coordinating the strategic stability project.

They hold a MA from King’s College London in Intelligence and International Security and a BA (Hons) in International Relations from the University of Birmingham and Fudan University in Shanghai.

Eva-Nour’s expertise is on strategic stability. They notably have spoken at NATO’s 5th Early-Career Nuclear Strategists Workshop, at the EU Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Conference (EUNPDC), at CSIS PONI Winter Conference, and at UK PONI Annual Conference on the cyber-nuclear nexus, and its threat to strategic stability and deterrence. They also have spoken at ISYP Third Nuclear Age Conference and at the EUNPDC Next Generation Workshop.

Their latest article, ‘Cyber-Nuclear Nexus: How Uncertainty Threatens Deterrence‘ published by CSIS PONI, explores how cyberattacks on nuclear weapons and their delivery systems add uncertainty to the strategic stability equation, and thus threaten deterrence.

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