Ville Majamaa

Former Intern, BASIC

Ville Majamaa joined BASIC as an intern in March 2017 and worked on projects that seek to challenge the zero-sum perceptions of national and international security. Ville graduated with a specialization on Russian foreign policy from King’s College London and is currently enrolled in an International Master’s in Economy, State and Society (IMESS) joint-program between University College London and Moscow Higher School of Economics. In his free time, Ville is engaged in European youth policy processes as a board member in the European Youth Forum.

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Report: A Small Sacrifice for Security: Why Finland gave up its landmines

Finland joined the Antipersonnel (AP) Landmine Ban Treaty despite an overwhelming belief that their national defence doctrine depended upon the deployment of landmines, and the refusal of their neighbour Russia to participate. This decision appears to go against the core responsibility of government – to do all in its power to defend the territorial integrity of the state. But in fact, it reveals a more holistic sense of security, in which vital interests are seen as wrapped up in the wider interests of a strong and cohesive international community.

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