A world without nuclear weapons: The international dimension

BASIC joined with The US Institute of Peace (USIP), and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to co-sponsor a March 6 debrief on the recent meeting of the Hoover Group in Oslo. Ambassador Max Kampelman, Ambassador James Goodby, and Dr George Perkovich, all participants in the Oslo meeting, discussed the means of revitalizing the international disarmament movement.

A world free of nuclear weapons

The United States should take the lead in forging a new global consensus on nuclear disarmament, married to an action plan of urgent interim steps to control and reduce nuclear weapons, according to two Cold War veterans Ambassador Thomas Graham Jr, former General Counsel and acting director of the United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, and Ambassador Robert L Barry, former ambassador to the Stockholm Conference on Disarmament in Europe and member of the board of the British American Security and Information C