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Video: EVN Policy Cycle 2023 Launch Event: ‘De-siloing Existential Threats’

BASIC’s Emerging Voices Network (EVN) is a digital, global network of high-potential, early career researchers on nuclear weapons and nuclear policy issues. The EVN aims to facilitate a community of young people actively contributing to nuclear policy and international security’s most pressing issues.
With support from the Ploughshares Equity Rises Fund, the EVN’s 2023 Policy Cycle is themed “De-siloing Existential Threats: challenging identity, power, and inclusivity in the nuclear policy field”
The Policy Cycle’s virtual launch event took place on 17 January 2023. Programme Manager Anuradha Damale-Day and Policy Fellow Kim Obergfaell provided an overview of the EVN, its broader activities, as well as details about the 2023 policy cycle and its diverse cohort. The two Co-Chairs of each working group then introduced their topic, the challenges at hand, and their aims for the policy cycle. Together with their groups, they will ultimately draft a policy paper that will include a set of policy recommendations. BASIC will collate these papers and the resulting edited anthology will be presented to experts in the field in July 2023.
Watch the recording below:    

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