Masterclass from Ray Acheson: Abolishing the Military Industrial Complex

The Emerging Voices Network (EVN) at BASIC is organising Expert Masterclasses. The EVN’s Senior Masterclasses are our opportunity to tap into the fantastic network of experts that BASIC is fortunate to have, to ask them to deliver their expertise to the EVN. The interactive masterclasses are both skills and content-based, facilitated by BASIC’s Inclusive International Security team. This is a primarily digital resource to make access to expertise more equitable for our global, diverse membership.

On Wednesday 15th February, Ray Acheson, Director of Reaching Critical Will, the Disarmament Programme of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), discussed ‘Abolishing the Military Industrial Complex’. 

In this masterclass, Ray Acheson discusses the nature of military-industrial complexes globally, the political economy and colonial aspects of the nuclear-industrial complexes in nuclear-armed states, and the relationship between these complexes and other structures of state violence (i.e. the prison-industrial complex and border security-industrial complex). This session also examines movements to abolish these complexes and the connections between them. There is also a discussion and Q&A to encourage participants to think about the links between the military-industrial complex and other issues in their local/national contexts, and how to challenge these structures.

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