Anuradha Damale-Day

Policy Fellow and Programme Manager
Outer Space | Science Technology & Innovation | Nuclear Disarmament

Anuradha Damale-Day was a Policy Fellow and Programme Manager at BASIC, as well as a PhD researcher on ‘Responsibility in Outer Space’ for the EU Funded Third Nuclear Age Project at the University of Leicester. Anu managed the Inclusive International Security portfolio at BASIC, and her research and expertise is in outer space policy, nuclear policy and verification, and science and technology policy. Anu comes with extensive experience in equity diversity and inclusion work, and brought her background in Physics and Science and Technology Policy to her role at BASIC. She currently leads the UK branch of Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security, is a board member of the JustSpaceAlliance and dEDucation, and an invited member of the YGLN.

Prior to her her role at BASIC, Anu was a researcher on the verification and monitoring program at VERTIC. Anu’s interests are in systems based approaches to international security, including outer space policy and nuclear disarmament. She has contributed to projects on nuclear disarmament verification, capacity building, bioweapons and nuclear fuel cycle analysis.

Anu has previously chaired UKSEDS (the UK’s national space charity) , been a member of the Institute of Physics, been board member of British Pugwash, and her work on both outer space and equity, diversity and inclusion, has been featured on news outlets including the BBC. She was the winner of the 2020WATC Rising Stars Award for Defense, and has spoken at venues and forums such as the Royal Institution, UK Parliament, and beyond.

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