Non-Proliferation and Disarmament in the Middle East

Israel and the US: Nuclear weapons agreements

A recent article in Haaretz outlines previous agreements between US Presidents and Israel that sought to protect the Israeli nuclear deterrent from any possible US arms control proposals for the Middle East. Israel is now concerned that President Obama will not honor these informal arrangements, and is looking for reassurance that the supply of military technology will continue.

It’s the knowledge, not the material

Back in July the Washington Post did a piece on the sad case of Richard Barlow, the former US intelligence analyst who was screwed over by this government for doing his job. The article starts:

From a cramped motor home in a Montana campground where Internet access is as spotty as the trout, Richard Barlow wakes each morning to battle Washington.

Dr Khan 1: Benazir Bhutto 0

If Benazir Bhutto was floating a trial balloon when she talked about allowing IAEA inspectors to question Dr Khan I think it safe to say the results are in. And it appears, to paraphrase Franklin D Roosevelt, the only thing Dr Khan has to fear is not Benazir Bhutto. Consider some of the subsequent reaction, courtesy of BBC Monitoring International Reports, September 27, 2007: