Trident Submarine

Trident Wrapped Up?

It is a mystery why Cameron and then May took Trident to a vote yesterday. OK, so it’s nice to start off with a good strong issue that delivers a comfortable government majority, unites the Party and splits the opposition. But it risks slaughtering the goose that had just kept laying those golden eggs.

European Leadership Network on the Successor SSBN

In the wake of the parliamentary vote over a potential Trident successor, Former Assistant Chief of Defence Staff in the Ministry of Defence, John Gower, cited BASIC's three year independent cross-party enquiry on the issue. Gower acknowledged the balanced and inclusive approach BASIC adopted when undertaking the research.

There are fewer nuclear warheads than a year ago

BASIC's executive director, Paul Ingram, was quoted in this iNews article by Susie Coen about the world's number of nuclear weapons. While the reduction in numbers is a good thing, it is also a double-edged sword: “So while it is certainly to be welcomed that there are fewer warheads in the world this year than last, there are worrying dimensions beneath those figures that we need to be concerned about.”

Trident Advocates Target the Air-Launched Option

As Emily Thornberry, Shadow Defence Secretary, closes the consultation period on her defence review, critics of the review have been engaging on the substance. They worry that minds currently are just a little too open to alternatives for comfort, and that a non-Trident alternative could become Labour policy.

SNP MP blasts Trident ‘factsheet’ as short on facts

Andrew Learmonth from the National wrote an article outlining the criticisms of SNP MP, Kirsten Oswald, regarding a recently published factsheet by the UK Government on Trident. The article goes on to cite BASIC in outlining the projected costs of Trident renewal, and pulls quotes directly from a recent publication written by Dr. Nick Ritchie. 

Britain’s deep-sea defence: out of time?

Paul Rogers, a professor writing for Open Democracy, published an article outlining the threat of emerging technologies on the UK's nuclear submarines, particularly the advancement of swarming technologies. The article references BASIC as an organisation that address the issue of underwater technologies, and also sources David Hambling's briefing on emerging underwater drones. 

New Trident submarines doomed by drones of the future, says new report

The Guardian's Julian Borger wrote an article based on BASIC's recently published report on underwater drone technology. He explains that because of the new technologies, it will become impossible for submarines to hide in the oceans. He includes a hyperlink to the BASIC report,  and cites further research by David Hambling in the article.