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Donald Trump poised to take control of US nuclear weapons arsenal

BASIC's Chairman of the board, Dr Trevor McCrisken was interviewed by the News & Star about the new President-elect, Donald Trump and his pending responsibility over the nuclear codes. Trump's seemingly implusive and reactive temprement has aroused global concerns that he could launch a reckless nucear strike – McCrisken outlined the potential risks;

“You could imagine perhaps a situation where he just loses his mind or gets angry and decides to launch.”

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A Systems Approach to Nuclear Security, Non-proliferation, Deterrence and Disarmament

BASIC hosted a series of workshops in 2015-16 throughout the United States and United Kingdom employing holistic and soft systems tools to frame discussions on nuclear security and non-proliferation with experts, young people and individuals less familiar with nuclear weapons from a variety of cultural backgrounds and levels of experience.

European Leadership Network on the Successor SSBN

In the wake of the parliamentary vote over a potential Trident successor, Former Assistant Chief of Defence Staff in the Ministry of Defence, John Gower, cited BASIC's three year independent cross-party enquiry on the issue. Gower acknowledged the balanced and inclusive approach BASIC adopted when undertaking the research.


Remembering Jo Cox MP

BASIC today mourns the death of Jo Cox MP, an extraordinary dynamo of energy and positive action. She worked tirelessly for a better world, and her death was a senseless act of violence.