Whoopee, it’s official – nuclear trafficking is a threat

You are not a truly significant global threat until someone significant holds a conference full of suitably distinguished people, complete with PhDs, talking about it. Thus, on that very reasonable premise, I am happy to note that the IAE is holding a junket, I mean a conference, next month, hosted by the British government.

This is, to be precise, the International Conference on Illicit Nuclear Trafficking: Collective Experience and the Way Forward, to be held November 19-22.

Though Edinburgh in November? What were they thinking?

So many panels, so little time. For example:

R Hoskins, IAEA, Trafficking and the Threat

I Gill, UK Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre, Illicit Trafficking: The Nature of the Trade

J Mason-Ponting, Interpol, Radiological and Nuclear Trafficking Threats and Interpol Programs

D Muleya, Zambia, The Threat of Illicit Trafficking in an Under Resourced Country: A Case for Zambia

G Balatsky, USA, Assessing the Phenomenon of Illicit Trafficking

Still, there are many other worthy sessions and presentations. See the program guide for the full monty.

And if anyone can manage to send me the papers from the conference you would have my eternal gratitude, which might be enough to buy you a latte.

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