Meet the authors before you read the book

Call it serendipity, but the authors of the new book I mentioned previously, which just became available here in the past couple of weeks, will be in a certain superpower capitol city in the near future.

To borrow from the press release, the PCR Project (Prevention – Conflict Analysis – Reconstruction) and The Middle East Institute invite you to an Authors’ Briefing with Adrian Levy and Catherine Scott-Clark on DECEPTION: Pakistan, the United States, and the Secret Trade in Nuclear Weapons.

DECEPTION chronicles the last 30 years in the relationship between the US and Pakistan, and particularly the circumstances under which Pakistan both developed a nuclear weapon and then sold the technology for it to Iran, North Korea, Libya, and others – with the full knowledge of the US government. It is a dramatic story of deception on all sides, not least by four successive US presidents who have proclaimed Pakistan to the American people as our staunch ally, while it has, in fact, been just the opposite. Indeed, the authors – who have built this story over a decade of reporting – make a compelling case that Pakistan is the greatest obstacle to US and world security.

Adrian Levy and Catherine Scott-Clark are award-winning investigative journalists who worked for the Sunday Times of London for seven years before joining the Guardian as senior correspondents. They are the authors of two highly acclaimed books, The Amber Room and The Stone of Heaven. They have reported from South Asia for more than a decade, and now live in London and France. Their web site is

Friday, November 9th 2007, 10:30pm-12:00pm, Center for Strategic and International Studies, B1C Conference Room, 1800 K Street, NW, Please RSVP to [email protected]

In a perfect world, we would have Dr Khan moderate but he does have more pressing commitments.

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