Iran and Dr Khan’s ego

There are some interesting references to Dr Khan in the book, The Nuclear Sphinx of Iran. Here is one:

A 1987 deal called for at least six Iranians to be trained at Pakistan’s Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology in Islamabad. In another arrangement, a number of Iranian students were trained in uranium centrifuge technology at what was then called the Engineering Research Laboratories (now the Khan Research Laboratories), founded by Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of Pakistan’s atomic bomb. [Actually, he wasn’t, but who am I to prevent someone from using a now timeless cliche.]  In February 1986 he secretly traveled to Iran where he held meetings with his Iranian counterparts and was taken to visit Bushehr. According to intelligence sources, Khan also had a meeting with Rafsanjani. The meeting was aimed to massage Dr Khan’s ego and show how important he was to his Iranian hosts. A year later Khan paid a return visit. These initial interactions between Khan and Iranian nuclear scientists led directly to the doctor’s assistance in procuring designs and equipment for Iran’s uranium enrichment program (see chapter 7) [p 103]


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