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Gender and Nuclear Weapons: A Bibliography

Catalysing a research agenda for Gender and Nuclear Weapons

Since 2016, BASIC has been gradually compiling an open-access bibliography of sources on the theme of Gender and Nuclear Weapons.

We’re doing this because we and others believe that there is a fruitful (and burgeoning) conversation to be had about the relationships between these two apparently distinct fields of research. The bibliography exists to support the work of academics, students, think tanks and policymakers.

Anybody can contribute to the bibliography, hosted on Google Docs, and we are grateful for all and any contributions. The first draft of this bibliography was compiled by Nina Sofie Pedersen, Tabitha Sanders and Sebastian Brixey-Williams, with support from Dr Catherine Eschle, Katerina Borrelli and a number of anonymous contributors.

Would you like to get involved?

Read or contribute to the Gender and Nuclear Weapons Bibliography here:

Gender and Nuclear Weapons Flyer online

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