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Celebrating Board Member Trevor McCrisken

In May 2021, Trevor McCrisken retired from the BASIC board after sixteen years of service and contribution to BASIC’s development. Since 2005, Trevor has been an active member of the Board, supporting BASIC’s work in advancing global non-proliferation and disarmament. As Chair of the Board from November 2007 – March 2020, Trevor played an essential role in supporting BASIC’s achievements, including BASIC’s 2014 Trident Commission and work at the United Nations led by former Executive Director Paul Ingram, and helping the organisation define its mission in a changing nuclear policy landscape.

BASIC Co-Director Marion Messmer spoke of Trevor’s chairmanship of the BASIC Board:

“Trevor McCrisken has played an integral role in BASIC’s development over the last 16 years. As a charity, the dedication from all those who serve on our board is vital to us. Trevor has brought a lot of warmth, humour and kindness to his role. We are incredibly grateful for his long service and dedication to the organisation and wish him all the best.”

In early June the BASIC Board and Staff met for an online celebration of Trevor’s contribution to BASIC. 

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Thank you Trevor, for your lasting commitment to BASIC over the past sixteen years!

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