Evidence Submitted by Tim Hare

 December 2012

Tim Hare submitted evidence to the Trident Commission, entitled 'The US nuclear guarantee, and possible future threats', answering the following scenarios and questions:

1. Possible future credible threats (capability and intention) to UK and allies that would not sufficiently involve the US, and would not be deterrable by other means

2. Probability that a US nuclear guarantee can be relied upon into the foreseeable future

Evidence submitted by the Nuclear Information Service – Aug 2012

August 2012

The Nuclear Information Service (NIS) submitted a redacted copy of the Defence Nuclear Executive Board's risk register for the defence nuclear programme, provided by the Ministry of Defence and an unredacted verision of the risk register by NIS detailing views as to the key risks which the Trident replacement programme will face over the years and decades ahead.

Iran Update 162

  • Talks continue over nuclear program without clear progress
  • IAEA Director General’s latest report on Iran’s nuclear program shows growth in enrichment capabilities, but analysts speculate over implications
  • Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Tehran and U.N. General Assembly opening in New York draw more attention to crisis
  • Sanctions effects deepen; Canada closes embassy
  • Concerns rise over Iranian plans for Arak facility

Getting to Zero Update

Officials from China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States (“P5”) held their third special forum since 2009 to discuss nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, this time in Washington, DC. Separately, representatives from Iran and the P5 plus Germany, have met at various levels without producing a breakthrough over Iran’s nuclear program amid rising tensions in the Middle East.