BBC Radio Scotland interviews Paul Ingram on Trident Commission conclusions

This podcast is a radio interview given by Paul Ingram (Executive Director of BASIC) to BBC Radio Scotland. The interview concerns the recent launch of the concluding report of the Trident Commission which found that the UK should keep a nuclear deterrent but that multilateral reductions and disarmament are possible and desirable. 

Listen to the broadcast – available below, or via the Podomatic website.


Trident: the vanguard of the UK’s defence policy?

The Voice of Russia's Scott Craig interviewed Paul Ingram and a panel of experts on the subject of Trident and the UK's defence policy. Paul Ingram stressed that nuclear policies in Europe are based on fear and a legacy that we are struggling to overcome. We need to look forward towards the 21st century and out of Cold War mentality where war can no longer be contemplated and nuclear weapons can be abolished.

U.K. Finds ‘Credible’ Alternatives to Submarine Nukes Won’t Come Cheap

Elaine Grossman interviews BASIC's Paul Ingram and Rebecca Cousins for this article about the findings of the UK government's Trident Alternatives Review and the implications for the nuclear debate in Britain.

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British PM seeks to keep controversial Trident nukes

BASIC Executive Director, Paul Ingram, was interviewed by Press TV after British Prime Minister David Cameron wrote a piece for the Telegraph, acknowledging his support of Trident and highlighting the country's need to replace the weapons system with a like-for-like program.

Paul Ingram counter's the Prime Minster's arguments here:

Brian Eno chats with Tom Robinson

Former BASIC board member Brian Eno was featured on the Tom Robinson show on BBC Radio 6, discussing his career, involvement with BASIC, and interest in reducing nuclear dangers. Brian explains: 'We still have tens of thousands of ready to go nuclear weapons and they are still as dangerous as they once were…by luck nothing has gone wrong with them.

Ten ways Obama’s second term will shape Britain

Alex Stevensen from interviewed Paul Ingram in this article about the most important challenges facing newly inaugurated Barack Obama in his second term. On the issue of Middle East diplomacy, Stevensen writes that both London and Washington want to see engagement with Tehran, but Paul Ingram belives that Obama is 'boxed in' with anti-Iranian sentiment on the Hill.

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