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Event: Compendium Discussion: Crisis Communications: Indian and Pakistani Perspectives on Responsible Practices

On Wednesday 23rd August at 11am BST/UK time, 3pm PKT/Pakistan time, and 3:30pm IST/India time, the BASIC-ICCS Nuclear Responsibilities Programme will host a virtual roundtable discussion of the compendium ‘Crisis Communications: Indian and Pakistani Perspectives on Responsible Practices’.

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Exercising Status Recognition Sensibility: The Empathic De-escalation of the Sino-Indian 1998 Status Dilemma

In her article published by International Relations Journal, Dr Chiara Cervasio, Policy Fellow and Programme Manager of the Nuclear responsibilities Programme, argues that the exercise of what she calls status recognition sensibility is critical to explaining whether dangerous competitions for status can be mitigated in world politics.

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Anthology: De-siloing Existential Threats: Challenging Identity, Power, and Inclusivity in the Nuclear Policy Field

Read the Emerging Voices Network’s (EVN) latest report, in which five EVN Working Groups provide a range of policy recommendations and valuable insights into the current challenges and issues that concern emerging researchers and young professionals in the nuclear policy field.