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BASIC Policy Intern, Fabian Hoffmann, Publishes New Report on Cruise Missile Control in the Next National Security Strategy

BASIC Policy Intern, Fabian Hoffmann, has published an article with The Strategy Bridge on US national security implications of cruise missile proliferation. 

Cruise missiles have proliferated widely since the 1990s, and a variety of state and non-state actors have access to them today. Because of the significant strategic benefits they provide to their possessors, cruise missiles will likely continue to proliferate. Unfortunately, the unregulated and unrestricted proliferation of cruise missiles results in significant strategic drawbacks for the United States and its allies. More attention to this growing issue is therefore urgently required.

Because of this, the Biden Administration should seize the opportunity and address the proliferation of cruise missiles in the upcoming National Security Strategy. More specifically, the next U.S. National Security Strategy should lay the framework for a comprehensive cruise missile counterproliferation and arms control strategy. In this regard, confidence and transparency building measures as well as measures strengthening the norm against cruise missile proliferation should form part of the U.S. foreign policy toolkit. In addition, the United States should put missile proliferation high on the agenda and support a broader dialogue discussing missile technology, also outside the nuclear and hypersonic contexts.

To read the full article, click here.

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