US nuclear weapons test in Nevada in 1951 Military personnel observe a nuclear weapons test in Nevada the United States in 1951. Credit US Government CC 2.0

BASIC Co-Director gives remarks at KAS Multilateral Dialogue and Atomic Reporters Study Programme Launch

On 7 July 2021 BASIC Co-Director, Sebastian Brixey Williams, was invited to give his remarks at the launch of the KAS Multilateral Dialogue and Atomic Reporters study programme, ‘A Neglected Story – The Legacy of Splitting the Atom.’

Sebastian shared both personal and professional insights about his entry into nuclear weapons policy, and the challenges we currently face. Speaking of public engagement on nuclear weapons issues, Sebastian discussed the critical role of informed reporting and political action in ensuring public interest in nuclear issues. The KAS and Atomic Reporters study programme highlights the opportunity for emerging thinkers and writers to develop much-needed expertise and engagement in nuclear safety and arms control.

The full remarks are available to read here.

Candidates for the 2021-2022 study programme will be selected on the basis of an essay writing competition. For more details about entering ahead of the 31 August 2020 deadline, click here.

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