The U.K. Is Fine With Its Fleet of Nuclear Subs, Thank You Very Much

On 1 July 2014 Elaine Grossman covers the launch of the Trident Commission's concluding report in this article for Defense One. In it, she quotes BASIC's executive director Paul Ingram as saying: “In the end, it comes down to a calculation which involves the value of nuclear weapons in national security strategy against the contributions of strengthening global nonproliferation norms…Britain does have a leadership role which it cannot wash its hands of.

U.K. Independent Panel: Retain Trident Subs, But Explore Delay Options

The Trident Commission, spearheaded by BASIC, launched its concluding report on July 1st, and it is expected to add significant value to the debate on whether or not to keep Britain’s nuclear deterrent. An article by Elaine Grossman in the National Journal explores the various viewpoints concerning the report's findings, and emphasizes BASIC's involvement as the organizers of the report. The article does not argue a stance, but rather clearly and in some detail lays out the arguments and counterarguments advances by the report and those in opposition to its conclusions.