Reading the findings of the UK Trident Alternatives Review

The long-anticipated government Trident Alternatives Review, which will outline options for the next British nuclear weapon platform and delivery system, is expected to be made public next week. This short briefing anticipates the publication of the Government’s TAR, and provides analysis on how it should be read.

In May 2011 the Government announced the commencement of an 18 month study led by the Cabinet Office and overseen by MoD Armed Forces Minister Nick Harvey MP (LibDem), into alternatives to the like-for-like Trident renewal project. The TAR was taken over by LibDem Cabinet Minister Danny Alexander in late 2012.

While the TAR will not make definitive recommendations, it is likely to identify the leading alternative options and their consequences. It will not settle the debate, but is designed to inform opinions on whether there are indeed credible, cheaper, more flexible nuclear alternatives to a continuous-at-sea ballistic missile submarine system. The TAR is likely to be debated in Parliament later in the year and the information within the review will inform futuer decisions.

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