BASIC 2011 Annual Activities Report

There was overwhelming momentum seen in 2010 on the international stage with numerous initiatives on arms control, nuclear non-proliferation, and disarmament. Unfortunately, this momentum was not as evident in 2011, as it seemed as though the international focus had shifted. Nevertheless, BASIC’s tempo was itself maintained into 2011 as we attempted to play our role in returning the focus to effective efforts to achieve nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament in the United Kingdom, United States, Middle East, and Europe. 

As you will see from this annual report on our activities, 2011 was a year of engagement and dialogue for BASIC: in the Middle East, and specifically in promoting the 2012 official conference on a WMD-Free Zone; with NATO states all around Europe to encourage members to reduce the Alliance’s dependency upon nuclear weapons; and with Moscow in taking further bilateral and multilateral moves toward disarmament. Furthermore, BASIC deepened and diversified its engagement in the United Kingdom’s deliberations on Trident replacement as it launched the high-profile Trident Commission, due to report in early 2013. BASIC also re-organised its London office and moved close to Whitehall, reflecting its stronger focus on engagement.

Looking ahead to 2012, the goal of a world free of nuclear weapons is still a long way away. The international system is filled with numerous challenges, which some may believe to be roadblocks on the way to progress towards disarmament. However, BASIC sees opportunities within every block to create new approaches in achieving this goal. We are looking forward to another challenging and successful year.

-Trevor McCrisken, BASIC Chair

To read the 2011 Annual Activities Report, please click here.

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