Declaration of Support for the Global Disarmament Agenda

Visions for a New Century: Brian Eno hosted this event on behalf of BASIC and the Ploughshares Fund on February 1st, at which people joined together to sign a declaration of support for the global disarmament agenda, which was sent to the White House and Downing Street. The text and list of signatories is below: Event to launch a new public conversation between opinion makers and policy leaders concerned with nuclear disarmament

Open Letter to President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Gordon Brown

The global challenges of the 21st century, such as climate change and global poverty, demand cooperative solutions. But effective collective action is stymied by cynicism, mutual distrust and systemic inequities. This is most clearly illustrated by the Cold War legacy of nuclear weapons possession and the threat of mutual nuclear annihilation. We are greatly encouraged by the statements of intent from world leaders to move decisively towards a world free of nuclear weapons. This is necessary to avoid the otherwise inevitable proliferation of nuclear weapons, and their acquisition by terrorist organizations. It is also necessary if we are to effectively tackle the many other very pressing global challenges, which the world has to date been unable to address effectively. We are hopeful that you and other world leaders will follow-through on the global nuclear disarmament agenda during 2010, but are conscious that this will take the support of a critical mass of informed public opinion. We urge you to follow through on your statements and your convictions, to resist the anachronistic voices of caution that mislead us into thinking the status quo is an option, and we offer what assistance we can to support this agenda.


Brian EnoRory Bremner

Des Browne

Stephen Frears

Julian Borger

Julian Rhind Tutt

Vanessa Branson

William Sieghart

Mark Fitzpatrick

Phil Harvey

Seb Rochford

Sophie Fiennes

Ashley Biles

Bevis Gillet

Carol Naughton

Catherine Dempsey

Clare Ellen

Henry Parham

Imran Tyabji

Isabel Bass

James Thorthon

Jamie Campbell

John Brown

Claudia Brown

Monika Studel

Will Hammonds

Lee Elly

Michael TummingsArmando Iannucci

Nicholas Robertson

Danny Alexander

Tony Dow

Yasmin Harvey

Melissa North

Chris Kenny

Elisabeth Kinder

Caroline Turner

Davide Bocelli

Gareth Davies

Gautam Lewis

Richard Williams

Rick Holland

Yasmine Gaspard

David Emerson

Robin Eggar

Shata Shetty

Steve Jones

Sylvia Sumira

Paul Miller

Clancy Tchassey

Georgina Goodwin

Anna Lawrence Pietroni

Su Lin

1 February 2010

More event coverage:

  • UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office background on the event.


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