Nuclear Deterrence Summit: February 19-22

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BASIC partnered with the Exchange Monitor to host a panel discussion during the Annual Nuclear Deterrence Summit in Arlington, Virginia, February 19-22, 2013.

The panel focused on European perspectives on nuclear deterrence in the 21st century, and was held on February 20th.

20120220detsum panel

Lukasz Kulesa, Simon Lunn, Paul Ingram, Des Browne, Francois Delmas (L-R) [Photo: BASIC]

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20130220detsum browne    20130220detsum kulesa

Lord Browne of Ladyton (Des Browne, left), former UK Defence Secretary, and Lukasz Kulesa (right) of the Polish Institute of International Affairs, share their insight with a primarily American audience from the U.S. Defense and Energy Departments and government contracting firms.

20120220detsum lunn   20120220detsum delmas

Simon Lunn (left), former Secretary General of NATO\’s Parliamentary Assembly; and Francois Delmas (right) of the French Embassy in the United States, also share their reflections on transatlantic deterrent postures.


~BASIC benefited from financial support provided by The Prospect Hill Foundation, which has helped to make this work possible. 

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