Nuclear Deterrence Summit: February 19-22

BASIC partnered with the Exchange Monitor to host a panel discussion during the Annual Nuclear Deterrence Summit in Arlington, Virginia, February 19-22, 2013.

The panel focused on European perspectives on nuclear deterrence in the 21st century, and was held on February 20th.

Lukasz Kulesa, Simon Lunn, Paul Ingram, Des Browne, Francois Delmas (L-R) [Photo: BASIC]

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Lord Browne of Ladyton (Des Browne, left), former UK Defence Secretary, and Lukasz Kulesa (right) of the Polish Institute of International Affairs, share their insight with a primarily American audience from the U.S. Defense and Energy Departments and government contracting firms.

Simon Lunn (left), former Secretary General of NATO\’s Parliamentary Assembly; and Francois Delmas (right) of the French Embassy in the United States, also share their reflections on transatlantic deterrent postures.

~BASIC benefited from financial support provided by The Prospect Hill Foundation, which has helped to make this work possible. 

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