Shadow NATO Summit III in Washington, DC

BASIC, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the Elliott School of International Affairs, NATO Watch, and Strategy International held a conference in Washington, DC on May 14 and 15, 2012,  a week before the NATO Summit in Chicago. 

This event was made possible by the financial support of the Marmot Trust, the NATO Public Diplomacy Division, and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Daryl Kimball, Ted Seay, Dr. Fiona Hill, and Amb. Francois Rivasseau discuss tactical nuclear weapons and NATO’s nuclear sharing arrangements.

The Shadow NATO Summit III
Commitments, Capabilities and Connectivity: Implementing NATO’s new Strategic Concept

A Two-Day Civil Society Shadow Conference ahead of NATO’s Chicago Summit


Distinguished panelists identified, discussed and shared ideas concerning the future of NATO, including the implementation of the new Strategic Concept, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, the deterrence and defense posture review, nuclear posture and deployment, NATO’s partnership programs in North Africa and the Middle East, relations with Russia and connecting the alliance with U.S. citizens.

See the following pages for more information about the Shadow NATO Summit III conference:

Dr. Isabelle Francois, Dr. Celeste Wallander, and Amb. Kurt Volker address NATO\’s partnerships.

Watch C-SPAN coverage of two panel sessions from the first day of the Shadow NATO Summit:

Emerging security challenges: NATO\’s response to terrorism, proliferation, piracy and cyber attacks

Smart defense and burden sharing: Closing the U.S.-Europe capabilites gap with a human security approach


 Dr. Ian Davis, David Shaman, Michael Stopford, and Antonella Cerasino assess whether NATO is transparent enough and discuss how to make intergovernmental institutions more accountable.

Click on the speakers’ names to listen to the sessions:

Session V —The Deterrence and Defence Posture Review, chaired by Dr. Kennette Benedict

Session VI–The future of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons in Europe, chaired by Dr. Fiona Hill:

Session VII–NATO-Russia, the Middle East and beyond: Towards partnerships that enable reform, chaired by Dr. Isabelle Francois

Session VIII–Transparency and NATO reform: engaging with the U.S. public and lawmakers, chaired by Michael Stopford:

Read presentations and related material by panelists at the conference. (Posted as received.)  Please note, the views expressed are those of the authors only, and do not necessarily represent those of the institutions that organized the conference.

  • Remarks on NATO’s intervention in Libya, by Amb. Nancy Soderberg (President, Connect U.S. Fund; former Senior Deputy National Security Advisor and Ambassador to the United Nations during the Balkan and Rwandan genocides).

Previous Shadow NATO Summits:

  • Shadow NATO Summit II: Civil Society Perspectives on the Lisbon Summit and NATO’s New Strategic Concept, Brussels, Fall 2010
  • The Shadow NATO Summit: Options for NATO – pressing the reset button on the Strategic Concept, Brussels, Spring 2009

 Question and answer session during panel discussion on tactical nuclear weapons.

View more pictures of the event in our image archive.


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