BASIC Project Launch: Next Generation

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Inspiring engagement on nuclear weapons issues. Empowering people to get involved.

Nuclear weapons threaten all of us. They endanger worldwide security. They undermine essential global cooperation on climate change, global economy, public health and poverty.

The power to free ourselves from the nuclear danger to the world today is in our hands. But if we want to make the world safe we need to understand that nuclear weapons are not the answer.

We need change.  We need to transform how we think.

Every single country in the world (apart from three) has signed up to a vision of a world free of nuclear weapons. But progress in getting rid of them and preventing their spread is too slow for comfort.

With the end of the Cold War, many people have forgotten that these weapons of total annihilation exist at all. And those that do talk about nuclear weapons don’t engage everyone in this complex discussion.

Meanwhile, the stakes remain high and the situation threatens to get worse. A Next Generation of thinking is needed.

BASIC kicks off a major new approach towards nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation.

With fresh ideas and effective access to key players, BASIC engages and empowers people from all walks of life to create positive change. We aim to find solutions that embrace areas of common interest while respecting diverse perspectives.

We aren’t a neutral think tank or pushy advocacy organisation. We use a mix of insider and public approaches that bring people together to carve out pragmatic steps towards disarmament.

This is the next generation of thinking: one that appreciates diversity of experience and opinion, and seeks progress through the complexity. This is the next generation of change.

We invite you to be a part of making our world safe.
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Project Details:

  • NextGen injects fresh thinking into the nuclear weapons discussion. It encourages and inspires people to creatively engage with resolving the complex issues.
  • NextGen provides easily-digestible, factual information to promote understanding of those issues. Looking beyond the technical details, it explores the psychologies that drive attachment to nuclear weapons.
  • NextGen promotes engagement among the general public. It inspires discussion among the next generation of students within academic institutions. It provides a blog platform for new voices to expand the current debate and bring in new perspectives.

Visit The Next Generation Project on Indiegogo

 Next Generation Project Page

A BASIC conversation with the next generation.

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