We’d like to thank the Academy…

This October 7 Los Angeles Times article caught my eye.

Got your cloak? Dagger? Tickets for Operation Spy?

The International Spy Museum last week opened the capital’s latest intrigue, a new interactive experience that incorporates exhibits, movies, computer games, theatrical shows and rides into one exhilarating adventure. It also packs plenty of intrigue and derring-do. Unlike traditional museums, where guests read and gawk at displays, here, they can become a spy – at least for an hour.

In Operation Spy, open to museum-goers 12 and older, guests are assigned the roles of US intelligence officers on a dangerous mission in the mythical country of Khandar. Based on actual cases drawn from intelligence files, the scenario involves a missing nuclear-triggering device sought by underhanded arms dealers.

Matching wits with black marketers and unscrupulous government officials, each team of espionage operatives must navigate – with the help of a guide – the twists and turns of the unfolding plot. The challenge is not only to figure out whom to trust and whom to thwart in the high-stakes game, but also how to accomplish the mission.

As seemingly everyone seeks to cash in on the nuclear black market, shouldn’t we do more to acknowledge Dr Khan’s contributions? For starters, how about a figure of him at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum?

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