Syria and Dr Khan

It almost slipped by me but you will be happy to note that Dr Khan is an issue in the US presidential election; at least he is to one Republican candidate.

Consider this exchange during the October 9, 2007 Republican Debate on economic issues.

MS BARTIROMO: Mayor Giuliani, foreign acquisitions in the United States are headed for a record in 2007.

And yet some money is still turned away. A Dubai company could not acquire our ports. A Chinese company could not acquire Unocal.

Has this company – has this country become protectionist, or are there serious, real national security concerns?

MS. BARTIROMO: Congressman Hunter.

REP. HUNTER: No, because I don’t trust them. And I don’t trust them because a few years ago Dubai, while an American Customs agent was trying to stop them, set for delivery a set of nuclear triggers to an anonymous recipient in Islamabad, probably for the AQ Khan network. That went directly against American interests. So I would not do that.

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