Khan and Clearstream?

In two previous posts, I’ve mentioned press reports about Dr Khan and Syria, one saying there may have been a connection, the other saying no way.

But this article in Britain’s The Spectator seems confident that Dr Khan did more than visit:

After his operation was shut down in 2004, Khan admitted transferring technology and parts to Iran, Libya and North Korea. Proliferation experts are convinced they know the identities of at least three of his many other clients: Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

In addition to selling nuclear-related know-how, the Khan network is also believed to have provided Syria with centrifuges for producing enriched uranium. In 2003, concern about Syria’s nuclear ambitions was heightened when an experimental American electronic eavesdropping device picked up distinctive signals indicating that the Syrians had not only acquired the centrifuges but were actually operating them.

What inquiring minds really want to know, however, is what is the experimental American electronic eavesdropping device that supposedly detected the centrifuges. Also, I’ve not read anything about Khan, at least nothing that is credible, about Dr Khan and Egypt and Syria. If anyone has information about these, let me know.

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