I’ll have the chestnuts, steamed fish, and No-dong missiles

I have previously mentioned the recent publication of the book DECEPTION: Pakistan, the United States and the Global Nuclear Weapons Conspiracy by Adrian Levy and Catherine Scott-Clark.

But since the October 7, 2007 Sunday Times (London) chose to review it. Let’s look at this one excerpt.

One of the most astonishing episodes was in 1993, when Benazir was prime minister for the second time and agreed to visit North Korea to ask for No-dong missiles, at Khan’s request. She stammered with nerves as she requested ‘a favour’ from President Kim over a state banquet of chestnuts and steamed fish. She left with a bag of computer disks to pass on to her military.

You have to hand it to Dr Khan: it’s not every day you can get a president to act as your personal messenger.

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