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Call for Applications: Join BASIC’s Emerging Voices Network

Are you interested in learning more about nuclear weapons and interconnected risks? Are you passionate about highlighting the humanitarian impacts of nuclear weapons? Would you like to connect with other young professionals working on nuclear policy challenges around the world?

Then apply now to join BASIC’s Emerging Voices Network! Register your interest via the following link by Friday, 22 September.

Please note that existing EVN members are also asked to re-register their interest through the link above, to ensure their membership is renewed for the upcoming year and to confirm members’ latest contact details.

Forming part of BASIC’s Inclusive International Security Programme, the Emerging Voices Network (EVN) is a digital network of high-potential, next-generation leaders on nuclear issues who will inherit the responsibility to manage nuclear threats. Our aim is to create an inclusive digital space in which early career individuals from across the globe are heard on nuclear issues, and empowered to contribute to the work of the field in addressing nuclear risks. The EVN is open to young professionals and university students that are either between the ages of 18 and 35, or have been working in the nuclear field for less than 7 years.

The EVN promotes collaboration, dialogue and bridge-building between next-generation leaders across the globe, and we are especially committed to helping individuals from traditionally minoritised communities to overcome institutional barriers, ensuring that nuclear fora are truly global, and that their perspectives and expertise are centred and integrated into mainstream nuclear dialogue. Diversity, equity, and inclusion remain at the forefront of our ethos and mission. With this in mind, for this round of applications, we particularly encourage individuals from the Asia-Pacific region to apply.

As part of this call for applications, we are delighted to announce two upcoming Policy Cycles that EVN members can participate in:

  • Humanitarian Impacts Policy Cycle (Working Groups). This Policy Cycle will engage with the topic of the ‘humanitarian impacts’ of nuclear weapons, framed within the context of the NPT. It will offer EVN members the opportunity to research and make recommendations on how to address, and strengthen, the humanitarian impacts agenda within the NPT Review Cycle process. The themes of the working groups also intend to connect this topic with other areas of interest in the nuclear field, such as nuclear safeguarding, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), and disarmament advocacy. EVN members will apply to join one of 4-5 specific working groups and together conduct research and develop a policy paper on a challenge linked to the humanitarian impacts of nuclear weapons within the NPT. These papers will be published as an edited anthology in April 2024. There is also the possibility to take on a leadership role as a Working Group Chair.
  • De-Siloing Existential Threats Phase II (Focus Groups). This Policy Cycle intends to build on the work of the recently concluded ‘De-Siloing Existential Threats’ Policy Cycle, in which EVN members demonstrated the interconnected nature of nuclear weapons risks with other existential threats (climate change, social justice, the military-industrial complex, racism, and diversity and inclusion in relation to nuclear policy) and offered innovative recommendations on how to address and de-silo these issues in the current security context. This new cycle will build on this work as EVN members will apply to join one of four focus groups and participate in 4-5 activity sessions organised once a month by the EVN team. At these sessions, members will share their research, develop future scenarios, and map interlinkages between existential and nuclear risks.

Wider EVN Activities:

In addition to participating in one of these policy cycles, both new and existing EVN members can get involved in a range of other activities available to our membership. These include our expert-led EVN Masterclasses, a series of one hour sessions led by experts in the nuclear field, that are live (and recorded) for EVN members to attend, to learn from and speak with experts firsthand on their area of expertise. We also host a number of virtual events and webinars and share a fortnightly EVN Broadcast newsletter with career opportunities, event promotions, and news from the EVN membership, including highlighting articles published by members.

If you would like to apply to join the Emerging Voices Network and register for one of the policy cycles, please register your interest here. Please also complete this form if you are an existing EVN member so we can update your details (you do not have to join a policy cycle). The deadline for registration is Friday, 22 September.

If you have any further questions, please contact the EVN team at [email protected].

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