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Event: Nuclear Responsibilities at Sea

BASIC and the Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security at the University of Birmingham (ICCS) are organising an online roundtable with young professionals and experts to discuss maritime risk reduction in the Asia Pacific through the Nuclear Responsibilities Approach. The aim of the roundtable is to develop specific policy proposals for how states can better implement their responsibilities concerning nuclear weapons and radioactive materials at sea. Participants in this workshop will hear from maritime experts on the risks associated with nuclear weapons and radioactive materials at sea and will then contribute to policy suggestions that might contribute to risk reduction. Following the event, BASIC will publish the policy recommendations. 

This online workshop will take place on Tuesday 25th October, from 2pm to 5pm SGT (7am-10am BST). 

Should you wish to participate, fill in this form and we will be in contact with you shortly. Upon confirmation, participants selected will be asked to fill in a survey on risks and policy priorities at sea. 

Further background information:

The Nuclear Responsibilities Approach seeks to shift the conversation about nuclear weapons away from a chronic culture of blame to one centred around responsibility. In doing so, the Nuclear Responsibilities Approach developed the Nuclear Responsibilities Framework and Toolkit which offers new conceptual tools to shape debates over nuclear weapons policy through a process of critical introspection and empathic dialogue. Dialogues using the responsibilities approach typically start with a discussion about what states responsibilities are, or should be. Responsibilities can be broad, such as a responsibility to reduce risk of nuclear use. Participants are then invited to discuss how these responsibilities are implemented in policy and practice and how they could be better implemented. Reports from previous dialogues are available here.

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